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How can LetterSetter work for me?

When you want a type previewer on your foundry web site, you’re faced with three problems: layout, hosting and access. How do you want the specimens to the look? What does your ISP think about installing rasterisers and code? and how can you keep the fonts on show up to date? After all you make new stuff all the time.

The process

LetterSetter consists of 2 components, the Layout application, a tools for OSX which lets you build layouts, packages which contain a bunch of OpenType fonts, images and settings. With Foundry.app you design layouts for all of your fonts, height, width, picking images, overlays, watermarks, colors, transparencies and OpenType features. Not everything you can do in Illustrator, but pretty close. You decide the shape, color, contents and default text for each typeface, so you can integrate it in your own website. Have you seen the demo?

Once you’re done with the layouts, Foundry.app uploads the package to the LetterSetter server. After setting up an account with us, the layouts become available on your own URL. If you want to add fonts, update layouts, or any other kind of change, use the Foundry.app to tweak and upload. The new version will become available automatically.

100% OpenType

LetterSetter will make all features in an OpenType font available in the URL. That means your website can ask for images in which specific OpenType features are switched on. How this is done depends on the design of your website. LetterSetter just does the hosting and the rendering, you have to make the interface. You probably know best how you want to show off the designs in the first place.

So you don’t make a site?

No. We just render the images based on your layouts, you make the site. The Foundry.app will help you create the right URLs. However you want to call the images is up to you. Some people prefer PHP. Others write something in Javascript. That’s the nice thing about the internets, your site can use images generated on ours.

Assuming your site does not Digg us. The service is running on a QuadCore XServe. Bandwidth allotted to your foundry will be based on fair use. Some statistical data will be gathered and made available to you, so you can get an idea what the kids are typing in your fonts. Also, the Foundry.app has a monitor function which allows you to peek on what’s cooking.