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LetterSetter™ Demo

LetterSetter takes the pain out of building and maintaining online type samplers. Type foundries, designers, typographers, advertising and design agencies can host their own fonts at lettersetter.net, and present them in totally customisable specimen layouts.

LetterSetter is operated, developed and hosted by LettError and TypeSupply. Get in touch find out about options and pricing, you know where to find us.


This interface is generated with javascript, AJAX and MochiKit. It shows you that OpenType features can be addressed directly. It should probably have some cute icons. Read more on what's included in the service.

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This is a demo page for LetterSetter OpenType imaging. The typefaces are on show for this purpose only. Currently best viewed in Safari, Opera or Firefox.Local Gothic is © Schwartzco. Federal, Beowolf are © LettError. United, Burbank, Ed Interlock are © House Industries.

LetterSetter™ is © LettError, TypeSupply. LetterSetter is a registered trademark of LettError.com. Debug /